Welcome to Biomed1. Our site is dedicated to reporting to our visitors the latest information, news and updates on pharmaceutical medications and new drug developments. We thank you for the support that you have given us so far and we hope that our information pages will be useful to you.

There is a lot going on in the world of pharmaceuticals but not much information on new medications in the market. We found that more and more people were interested, for personal reasons or other matters, to monitor periodically the outcomes of pharmaceutical studies and of licensing issues both in Europe and in the US.

The Licensing Bodies

The licensing bodies responsible for authorising medicines are the European Medicines Agency or EMA (in Europe) and the US Food and Drug Administration or FDA (in the United States). These not only monitor medical studies but also decide whether a medicine is safe enough to be put onto the market. They do this by assessing the effectiveness of the drug but also the dangers of a drug. They compare the risks of side effects to the actual benefits that the drug provides to the target patient population, and then make their decision.

However, because the EMA and the FDA are two separate bodies in two different continents, they obviously have diverging parameters. For example, there are a few medicines that have acquired a license in the US that the EMA thinks are not suitable to prescribe in the EU: this leads to a regional discrepancy in prescription medications.

Our Aim

We will try to keep you updated on those developments for medicines like Qsiva, Spedra and others. If you want to report a new story or a recent development, please feel free to contact us and we will try to include it. We always try to report all the information available for a certain medication and its licensing.

You can use this site in many ways. For example, you can monitor latest developments with regards to medical studies of a medication you are interested in. You could also read our information pages periodically to find out whether a medication has acquired the license in the US or the EU (including UK). Finally, you could use the information on our pages to find out whether a medication can be prescribed legally in the country you live or not. Do not buy any medications if you do not think they are legal to prescribe in your country. They could not only be counterfeit, but they could also not be safe! If one of the bodies previously mentioned (EMA or FDA) has not approved them, you should consider them illegal.


Inasmuch as we want to give you valid and reliable information, we want you to know that ultimately you have to make a decision, together with your GP or doctor, as to whether the medication is good for you. The responsibility is yours. Not all medications are good for everyone so speak to your doctor if you have any questions. It is your health after all so be careful: read all the instructions and possible side effects before you take any drugs. Again, if you are unsure, better speak to your doctor first.