Oxytocin Provides New PE Hope

Oxytocin Provides New PE Hope

Clinical trials are currently being carried out in Australia and the US for the next premature ejaculation (PE) treatment. This potential cure, in tablet form, which acts as an oxytocin inhibitor, is touted to be revolutionary. The only other treatment on the market is Dapoxetine (Priligy), and, for those who don’t react well to the drug or don’t find success with it, there is a great need for PE treatment alternatives right now. Priligy is available online from various providers. Do a Google search for the most popular.

Oxytocin, the hormone, is said to be released by the body when we hug (also called the ‘love hormone’), but also when both men and women near orgasm. So, by blocking the hormone altogether, experts think it is likely to delay ejaculation? You can read more here.

Well, animal studies have already proved the drug a success in this area. The study’s authors, based at the Université de Versailles-Saint Quentin, France, have already started a small human study with 90 participants, which will be carried out over the period of one year, but, successful animal studies have spurred it on. Since only a very small human trial has started, it looks like it will be quite a while before there is any more news on the marketing of this Priligy substitute.

There are other ways to improve how long you last in the meantime though and they include odd, but seemingly proven-to-work tricks that are worth a try.

It might clash with the whole objective here and with wanting to look sexually attractive for the sexual act, however, bigger bellied men seemingly have a better chance of lasting longer in bed than slimmer men. It is said that larger bellied men have more of the female sex hormone, estradiol, than their thinner mates, a hormone, which is thought to inhibit orgasm.

Other orgasm delayers include going veggie, circumcision, and even Viagra surprisingly. With Viagra, a 2012 study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, helped to show that men who took it lasted longer in bed as well as maintained an erection. So, the wonder drug’s effects are manifold.

With circumcision, the penis is less sensitive without the movement of the foreskin which makes sense. Like the old Mediterranean diet, the vegetarian diet is thought to help with matters of the bedroom on many levels. In terms of PE, veggie stamina has been noted in studies since they are less likely to experience the sugar crash the rest of us experience from refined sugars etc. Vegetarians have a high fruit diet, which means natural sugars and healthier foods across the board. Even compared to athletes, veggies have been noted to have higher general stamina than trained athletes. One particular study, which can be found in the Yale Medical Journal, showed a huge disparity between the abilities of both athletes and those who didn’t eat meat, with the veggies winning hands down.

Furthermore, studies have shown that pelvic exercises work great for women, but, in terms of ejaculation times, these exercises have done wonders for men in study scenarios. With so little on the market for men who suffer this irritating condition, anything is worth a go and studies, however small, have proven that these tricks might be just the thing men need.